“Well, either side could win it, or it could be a draw.” -Ron Atkinson

 NHL Home page of the National Hockey League – Coolest game on the planet
 AHL  American Hockey League home page
TeamCanada  Hockey Canada – Home for Olympic and junior teams.
 HNIC  Hockey Night in Canada – A Tradition
 SENS  My hometown team
JETS  They’re Back….
 HABS  Montreal Canadiens – Winningest team EVER!
 THN  The Hockey News
ORH  Ottawa Rec Hockey
CFL  Home of 3 down football
Bombers  I will always be a fan of the Blue & Gold (West side suck!)
 Red Blacks  Ottawa’s team
 Formula1  The Pinnacle of Motorsports
 PlanetF1  Good F1 News site
F1Fanatic  Great Fan site
 TSN  TSN Home page
SportsNet  SportsNet Home page